Free Auto Blogs

January 30, 2008

To get your five free auto blogs and a free month of hosting just click on the Hostgator logo on the right to sign up for a new account at Hostgator. You can use any of the following coupons to receive your first month free.

  • hgc25
  • jury
  • freetrial

Not sure what this is all about? Below is a copy of the original DigitalPoint thread.

Yes, the title is correct. I’m giving away 5 free autoblogs to all my DP friends. PLUS you’ll also get a great hosting account with Hostgator which allows unlimited domains for just 1 cent for the first month!

So, here is the deal. I’ll create 5 free auto blogs for you and also provide you with a coupon to get your first month at Hostgator for just 1 cent.

These autoblogs will automatically generate their own posts with fresh content that has been pulled from RSS feeds. They require no management and as fresh content is continually being added they will quickly start to receive traffic from the search engines.

The blogs will be created in wordpress so it will be very easy for you to add adsense to monetise this traffic.

The best thing really is that they require no maintenance. You can just forget them and watch the traffic (and earnings!) grow.

Here is an example. I created this blog just 10 minutes ago and there is already 100 posts! Have a look at the URls of individual posts and the on topic posts. This is spider gold

Each of your five autoblogs will be set up with different themes.

So, what is the catch? Why am I giving away something so good for free? Well, for me to create the autoblog for free you will need to sign up with Hostgator (for just 1 cent!) from my affiliate link. That is it! Great deal for you and a great deal for me! There is nothing sweeter than a deal where everyone wins.

To get started here is what you need to do:

1) Visit There will be a link to Hostgator and the coupons you need to get the first month for one cent. This is very important. If you do not sign up with Hostgator by clicking on this link (it is actually a picture of the Hostgator logo) I will not set up your auto-blogs.

2) Use the coupons to sign up for your first month for one cent on a new Hostgator plan. I’d recommend the Baby plan which allows unlimited domains.

3) Change the DNS settings of the domains you would like your auto blogs set up on to match the details provided in the confirmation e-mail you’ll receive from Hostgator.

4) PM me with your new Hostgator username and password, the “primary domain” that you signed up with and the list of your other domains that you would like an auto blog set up on. For each domain please also supply two keyword suggestions for the types of posts you would like to populate your new auto blog with. If you only have one domain, that is fine as I can set the free auto blogs up as sub-domains on your main domain. Just let me know what sub domains you want and I’ll sort it out

5) Post in this thread that you have completed the above steps.

6) Once your new autoblogs are created I’ll PM you to confirm completion and also provide you with the usernames and passwords to access the admin section of each blog.

7) Change your passwords so I no longer have access.

That is it. This a pretty simple proposition really as you get 5 income generating blogs for just one cent. You really do have nothing to lose.

To get the party started I’ll give the first 5 people to complete these steps 15 autoblogs and also the next 5 people 10 autoblogs!